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Valentine’s Day 2018 Playlist

Wow, I really suck at keeping up with blogging! So, so much has happened since my last check-in it’s unthinkable to catch up on, so we’ll just skim it over, no? Valentine’s Day just recently passed and it was a good one. G has been in Sacremento getting ready to graduate and start his first civilian job (he’ll start in April, yay!) so we’ve been in a hefty long distance relationship for a bit. Thankfully, the light at the end of the tunnel is so near it feels unreal. Just thanking my lucky stars this is the last time we’ll be apart for so long for forever. Since he couldn’t be here on actual Valentine’s Day, we decided to meet halfway between us in a town called Visalia for the weekend.

I wanted to hit up Sequoia National Park on Saturday but I came down with a bit of a cold (flu, bug?) Friday so I wasn’t feeling up to it. I haven’t been to Sequoia since I was in middle school so it was a bummer, for sure. Luckily I started feeling better that night, just in time to make it to dinner at Harris Ranch, a real oasis in Central California. Super glad we made reservations because we had to wait a while even with them. I ordered the Prime Rib and G had the New York Steak. Amazing. G got me flowers and chocolates on actual Valentine’s Day, as well as Mario Kart 7 for my 3DS (I swear, we are adults). I got him a book filled with silly cartoons and reasons why I love him. I take Valentine’s Day as a perfect excuse to go disgustingly cheesy in the gift department. I always make G a Valentine’s Day mixtape every year (and for anniversaries–and occasionally for no reason because I love music and the people I love have all gotten a mixtape from me at some point). This year, I added some oldies but goodies as well as some lovey-dovey new stuff I’ve been very into. I have a big old file of songs I’ve already put on all his mixtapes over the years so I don’t repeat songs, which is something I’m keenly proud of. I hope everyone had a lovely commercial holiday as well!

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1 Minute Videos | June 2017

Wanted to drop in to talk about a little video series I’ve decided to start called…

“1 Minute Videos”…Yes! I upload videos to Instagram from time to time and, as of now, the video time allowed is only one minute in length. To be honest, I think one minute is the perfect amount of time to get a glimpse of, well, anything really. Maybe it’s my millennial lack of an attention span (I’m half joking), but a minute is such a sweet spot for a short “movie.” To kick off this venture, I present to you (part) of my month in June. Snippets include a trip to La Jolla with my mom, which is at this point a yearly tradition, road trip/camping footage when we went to Yosemite for G’s third ever triathlon, and my first taste of what a Red Bull strawberry slushie tastes like (heaven, btw). I didn’t film stuff for my birthday, which was really awesome and I’ll talk about separately and instead chose to document that in pictures. Anyway, maybe you’ll get inspired to try this out, too?

**Everything was filmed using my Samsung Galaxy S7 and edited using Sony Vegas Pro.
**Music is “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man.