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The JASSA Collection at IKEA


Have you seen this collection yet?!

It’s like IKEA read my blog post about my recent design realization. Yeah, right. Boho is having its moment in the sun and IKEA latched onto its momentum and did such an amazing job! I have to say, I’ve been so impressed with IKEA over the past few years. They went from being known as the place you buy furniture when you’re a struggling up-and-comer to a real design crackerjack. I mean, they even sell velvet green sofas now! Below are a few of my favorites from this limited edition collection…

JASSA Room divider IKEA Treated with clear varnish which gives natural color variations and allows the furniture to age beautifully over time.

JASSA Sofa IKEA Handmade by a skilled craftsman. The furniture looks just as good in the living room as on a patio.

JASSA Rug, flatwoven IKEA Jute is a durable and recyclable material with natural color variations.

JASSA Chaise lounge IKEA Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.

JASSA Chair IKEA Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.

JASSA Basket IKEA Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.

JASSA Chaise lounge IKEA Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.

JASSA Cushion cover IKEA Embroidery adds texture and luster to the cushion.

JASSA Coffee table IKEA Foldable, which makes it easy to store. The included plastic feet protect the floor from scratches.

SO. GOOD. And, yes, I’ve been to IKEA twice since this collection debuted. I had to buy at least one item and I decided on the room divider. I replaced my very old headboard with it and it looks perfect. I have a full/queen bed and it has just the right dimensions to be used as a headboard. Coincidence? I think not. I also picked up a new duvet cover from the SOMMAR 2017 collection which looks heavenly against my new room divider. They have a few more collections coming out that look awesome and that I’m excited to see fully revealed. I love the look of the new STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa; it’s so wide and deep and looks dreamy and comfy! If only I had an endless supply of cash, amirite? What do you think of the new collection? Anything catch your eye in particular?

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My Interior Design Style

I’ve noticed that my interior design tastes have been shifting from mid-century to bohemian and I figured what better way to save all of the recent boho inspo I’ve been seeing other than Pinterest? I officially think my style might be an eclectic mishmash of mid-century bohemian (with a healthy dose of all-out nerd–still figuring out how to balance all three). Below are a few beautiful examples of what I’m finding myself gravitating towards minus the nerdy accessories.

Such a relaxed, warm dining area, you feel like you could sit and talk with friends for hours here.:

We've hooked up with our friends over at @worldmarket to design this boho chic…:

Rug, chair on left (but you aren't wanting rattan and those aren't that comfy), chair on right looks good, love the coffee table:

Bohemian Decor bedroom style:

Warm, Eclectic One Bedroom | A Cup of Jo (NOTE: kurdish rug via this ebay site: ):

Wall of hanging planters | Growing Spaces:

3 FFF's. Nashville. Brice. Mostly cat pictures. Hair guru at Parlour & Juke. Stitchin' shit. @shagthreads:

Boho Küche mit grünen Fliesen und frischen Zimmerpflanzen. #pflanzenfreude #living:

The Jungalow takeover is in full effect over at @housebeautiful !! Be sure to follow along! This is our Bluhemia room-- (photo by @davidtsay )…:

P.S. You can take a fun (though I found not entirely accurate in my case) home style quiz here. Emily Henderson is also one of my favorite interior designers who pretty much nails any style, although I think mid-century is where she excels.

P.P.S. Give me all the plants!