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Green bean fiend

I have this huge thing for green beans. I’ve liked them ever since I was a kid. I wouldn’t touch a green vegetable with a ten foot pole unless it was a green bean. As an adult, my love for green beans hasn’t died down one bit. I still love ’em. This is one of my favorite, easy-beansy recipes for the green manna.

Easy Baked Green Beans

  • Green beans
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Pepper
  • Lite soy sauce
  • Balsamic vinegar

Now, this is all you need to know. No matter how many green beans you have, you just add all the ingredients listed above. Taste test the marinade (some prefer more salt, others less, etc.). I like to make my green beans fresh, so I make them in one-person servings. That means two handfuls of green beans, a three second drizzle of olive oil, a heap of pepper (I’m partial to it, you could go without), four splashes of lite soy sauce, and two splashes of balsamic vinegar. If you’re making a larger serving, just count up the folks about to eat this delicious creation and multiply. Make sure you wash your green beans and hack off those end bits (I like to get a bunch in one hand and cut them with scissors to make the process faster). Next thing, put some aluminum foil on a baking pan and pop them in the oven at 450 degrees for no more than 15 minutes. Also, if possible, invest in a convection oven! I swear, waiting on the mother oven to heat up for 10 minutes just to make some baked vegetables is one way to not eat as many vegetables. Convection ovens are your friend. Enjoy!