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My Interior Design Style

I’ve noticed that my interior design tastes have been shifting from mid-century to bohemian and I figured what better way to save all of the recent boho inspo I’ve been seeing other than Pinterest? I officially think my style might be an eclectic mishmash of mid-century bohemian (with a healthy dose of all-out nerd–still figuring out how to balance all three). Below are a few beautiful examples of what I’m finding myself gravitating towards minus the nerdy accessories.

Such a relaxed, warm dining area, you feel like you could sit and talk with friends for hours here.:

We've hooked up with our friends over at @worldmarket to design this boho chic…:

Rug, chair on left (but you aren't wanting rattan and those aren't that comfy), chair on right looks good, love the coffee table:

Bohemian Decor bedroom style:

Warm, Eclectic One Bedroom | A Cup of Jo (NOTE: kurdish rug via this ebay site: ):

Wall of hanging planters | Growing Spaces:

3 FFF's. Nashville. Brice. Mostly cat pictures. Hair guru at Parlour & Juke. Stitchin' shit. @shagthreads:

Boho Küche mit grünen Fliesen und frischen Zimmerpflanzen. #pflanzenfreude #living:

The Jungalow takeover is in full effect over at @housebeautiful !! Be sure to follow along! This is our Bluhemia room-- (photo by @davidtsay )…:

P.S. You can take a fun (though I found not entirely accurate in my case) home style quiz here. Emily Henderson is also one of my favorite interior designers who pretty much nails any style, although I think mid-century is where she excels.

P.P.S. Give me all the plants!



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