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Podcast: My Brother, My Brother and Me


This past weekend I was introduced to the wonderfully strange and hilarious podcast called My Brother, My Brother and Me. I am a podcast junkie in that I listen to at least one podcast a day. I have over 50 different podcasts on my phone and I’ve probably downloaded over 1,000 episodes over the past few years. And yet–I had never heard of this podcast before this weekend.

Why is it so great? Well, it’s basically a show about what you often do with your closest people. Or at least what I do–discuss, in great detail, your opinions on the mundanest topics. This isn’t always the case, but more often than not it’s just three brothers talking in fervent seriousness about their opinions on things like people who unwrap gifts carefully versus tearing wrapping paper to shreds. Speaking of which, I would recommend starting with the episode where they talk about all things Christmas. It left me in tears I was laughing so hard.

The basic platform is pure genius: Giving advice to people who post questions on Yahoo Answers. Now, if you’ve ever been on the Internet for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably come across this gem of a web page. The questions range from normal to pure insanity. I’m mad for not thinking of this idea myself. They also talk about more serious topics and random things like the new Naked Chicken Chalupa Taco Bell recently introduced (this episode also had me dying). The brothers are so, so funny and they can get super, super weird. It’s a perfect show in my opinion and if you haven’t heard of it yet, I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen.

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Daily Prompt: Criticize

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I see the word criticize and I immediately recoil. I usually hear the word criticize used negatively, which is why it puts such a bad taste in my mouth. However…

My feelings about the word are a bit all over the place. Like my opinions on near everything, it depends on the situation. Constructive criticism is great. Personally, I’m always open to constructive criticism. I think the trick in being the giver of such criticism is to wait and have it asked of you. People are too quick to give their opinions about others’ choices and, well, there’s also the issue of people who give unhelpful advice. Again, for me, I don’t mind constructive criticism with or without my consent; I can easily weed out what’s actually constructive and what’s not.

With all that said and done, I feel like human beings generally love to criticize things. I know I do it more than I’d like over the littlest things (e.g., the food at restaurants). It’s akin to gossip in a lot of ways. It often suggests hints of superiority (or inferiority) complex hidden behind dialogue. In a lot of ways, I see criticism as part of human nature–not the best part either–but nonetheless human. Most of us do it.

Someone I know majored in film and is, naturally, a big movie buff. He can never criticize a movie. He knows how many people it took to put a film together; the time and hard work spent editing, casting, etc. I, on the other hand, have no issue grilling a movie and giving it a “rotten tomato.” Just another perspective I thought of.

In the end, I’m not sure how this word makes me feel, which means I can’t properly criticize it. The irony.