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Hi there, 2016!

I have ambitious goals for 2016. In this post, I’ll be talking about each one briefly, but they’ll be covered in further depth in later posts. 🙂 They aren’t so much New Year’s Resolutions, which always seem to be temporary, as they are lifestyle changes. Each of my goals will challenge me to live my life with intention and continue to grow as a person.


Practice Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning every day. I have never, ever been a morning person. This book has given me the motivation to embrace mornings and I would recommend it to anyone whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.


Cut out added sugar from my diet. I plan to accomplish this goal by being gentle with myself. If I slip up, I slip up, and everything’s going to be alright, chill. I also plan on allowing myself one cheat day a month to treat myself as well as letting myself enjoy added sugar on special occasions. This goal has been completely inspired by Naomi Davis of Love Taza.  I’m very excited to see her future posts on this topic.


Exercise 3-4 times a week. I have a simple, easy method I started last year to track the days I exercise that I’ve been continuing to use this year and hopefully I can get to a 4-times-a-week average by 2017.


Establish set skin care routine. I want to take better care of my skin. I’ve read that skin starts to lose its oil production and dry out in your 20s. I’ve found this to be very true! Anti-aging begins now.


Start investing. Finance is a huge interest of mine, which, granted, is a little strange considering I was a history major. I took a Finance 101 class in college and became enamored. I always say if I didn’t want to work in the field of history, I would have been a computer engineer or financial adviser. Don’t get me started on the beauty of compounding.


Do things that scare me. I know in my heart of hearts that fear is an illusion. I also know that it can stop us from doing things we can benefit from. I’m not about that. I want to do things this year that make me anxious and fearful and master fear to use as a tool and not a hindrance. I got this idea from Jess Lively of The Lively Show, one of my modern-day gurus and host of one of my favorite podcasts ever. I am so, so, so excited to see how she tackles her own fears in the coming year.

GOAL #7 

Record one second every day and compile it into a short video using the 1 Second Everyday app. I cannot wait to see how it turns out! I’m thinking this would be so amazing to do every year, but we’ll see if I can get through this year first.

These are my seven goals for 2016. Let’s get started!




Twenty-six-year-old post-grading rapscallion.

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